Poll time: Should I go to prom?

I’m pretty sure I said I wasn’t going to at some point, but now some of my friends are trying to convince me.  Idk…  

When giving your opinion keep in mind:

  • I don’t like dancing all that much
  • I’m not a party girl who plans on getting drunk afterwards
  • I don’t and probably won’t have a date
  • I’m not really a girly girl

But, everyone keeps saying I should go because it’s an experience and a part of high school and whatnot.  So, what’s your view?

  1. balterprince answered: I THINK YOU SHOULD GO!
  2. spookybuttsaresoimportant answered: You definitely should. I didn’t get drunk or anything afterwards, Neil and John and I all went to ihop afterwards and it was super fun.
  3. bashfullybuoyant said: Yes. I am not much of a dancer or partier but I had such a good time just having fun with my friends and classmates last year. And I honestly think I would have enjoyed myself more if I hadn’t had a date. So don’t even worry about that.
  4. lumpyspaceparra answered: I’m not sure…I’m trying to decide the same thing! Lol
  5. theshadowsinthesun answered: YES BECAUSE I AM NOT GOING ALONE.
  6. xlaginger answered: I say give it a try!
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